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A collection of Spoken Word pieces for your listening pleasure.


released December 2, 2012


all rights reserved



MADSHROOM MC Everett, Washington

Born and raised in the evergreen pastures of Everett Wa outside Seattle.
MadShroom Mc is the cofounder of the Hip Hop collective Black Magic Noize, beat crew Filthy Fingers United, and the host of the freestyle competition The Lyric League.
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Trip Freely and Stay Filthy my friends.
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Track Name: Weeping Warriors
here i lie waiting to die. a soldier a pugilist a samurai. being the greatest warrior known to man
with the best biggest bellowing bellicose war cry. quick to step on toes low blows and gouge eyes
for i don't care in fact the thirst for blood shed matches my blank glare
which wouldn't blink twice at a carcass ridden with flies.
love compassion intimacy any social interaction slipping the more my sword takes action.
how could this happen?
human beings or should i say being human is running
away from primal urges before it consumes them.
but me i run to it
the fire in my veins flow so fluid
and what others look at as mistakes i meant to do it.
and you. All of you! who are you to judge me?
pimps to the whores drug dealers to the zombies
riddle with scabs and sores well aware of their poisonous actions
still willing to trade their last values for more.
or even better those who struggle paycheck to paycheck
scrounging the last pieces of their self respect
to make a mask to cover the acknowledgement of redundant nonsense
they do for red cent in hope that nobody else will know of it.
i am a warrior. with no paint i need no shield no Armour nor mask
so that when i behead you thee irony of which makes me laugh.
but believe it or not i didn’t always feel this way.
but i cant tell if it has been years to years
months to months weeks to weeks or days to days
time packed away as clay for a road i paved behind me.
for i once was once infatuated in love
enamored with something so tender never lost its joy
always there caressing me possessing power energy
that would make me sweat no matter how cold when the world left me lonely.
but when i lied and tried my hardest not to even though
i had already realized that even this person place or thing
this any person any place or with anything
was just as tainted and riddled with strings like everything else I...
i lie here waiting and wanting to die
around bodies upon bodies covered in their blood
I'm buzzin buzzin like the flies that drink the blood
of somebody who could have been my couzzzin
buzzin hell there’s dozens of bodies
that could have been my sister brother mother
father ants uncles grandmother grandfather.
cry why bother im buzzin
so now i feel this way and now the clay i pack away
day by day months to months years to years years to beers beers to tears tears to fear.
as i lie here waiting and wanting to die i lie
I could run i could jump i could swim i could fly
but I lie. I lie because i wont die i cant die
because i am immortal tales of my self righteous carnage will be here forever.
Track Name: Why Do I Get High?
I was born drunk and high
Either that or I've grown accustomed To that state of mind 
I don't understand why with all the knowledge on health affects 
Still I can't wait to take another shot and light that cigarette 
Living with regret why? Every one of my grandparents died because of the need to get high
Whether it's the long term use of
Or even a heroin overdose
Both sides I Still I tried it 
Hexed the first time meth touch my breath 
Speed yes please cuz sleep's the cousin of death 
With weed I am obsessed
Doing any activity with Mary Jane upon my breath
Mixing tobacco or coke with my pot why not 
Cuz life only gave us this one shot yo
Kids yelling Yolo
I'm stick this tooter in your nose
And rail a line of blow 
how low does the rabbit hole goes
why I don't have it 
sky high I was born to be an addict 
Amy wine house Chris Farley Jimi Hendrix 
All great with coke on a plate so let me try it 
tonight I wanna have a ball
Adderol alcohol downing beers with no fear  
my liver goes for light years no stall
Even though I'm quick to give Molly and LSD a couple hits 
My Inhibition wants to riot
impulse on auto pilot
Why just let adrenalin get you excited

How cliche take family member away and I'm ready to play 
The game who can maintain after a cocktail of narcotics to 
Your mutha fuckin brain 
Slammed into my veins
How is it possible to live your whole life in a sober state?
When there's so many drugs to take 
I can't wait give it to me I can't wait
Pretty good at consuming better try moving weight
Let it escalate drug trade since the day of slave trade
Every pill I swallow a hand grenade
Every binge I go on a brain cell
Air raid 
But it wasn't always this way

Easily lost in the groove 
I feel like we have nothing
To lose 
figures of religion 
people in high
Positions chose to expand the third eye vision
But why do we get high
Still doin pills an expensive thrill
Picking off my brain cells 
Like they're fun to kill
Why do I get high
Will dilated eyes
Sprawled out be the look
Of me demise
Getting by till suicide
 Why do I get high
Track Name: Dollar Disease
Welcome to the gritty city absent of love
Where we idolize villains or fall victims to drugs
Some are foolish to believe in heaven above 
Because we dwell in this concrete Hell being judged
There's a conflict waiting around every corner
Someone will gladly leave you as a gift for the coroner
Life isn't always fucking fair so you can choose to break the rules
If you dare just beware that security guard don't care about shit
When he's stripping you bare 
Judicial system is a bitch
Just like the rest of life 
Cuz everybody is down to get trife cuz dying to be rich 
So its nothing to hit you in the back 
With a knife on some snake bite shit
So u gotta put up a fight If you a want a piece of the cheese 
Play it peacefully or be part of the disease
That forms in the hustle bustle
The way it mutates and adds
More people to the struggle
The lower class cycle till society crumbles
Track Name: You're So Bright
Its like you've got a spell on me
Sapping all of my energy 
Big bright box glowing showing me things 
That I want to see 
Showing me what to believe 
Some how you know what I need.
Your so bright
You bring my family together for 
Only hours we spend time in unity 
Our undivided attention synchronized
In harmony
Willfully succumbing to your power
Entranced by
The changing of colors and scenery
The fine plot lines that wrap around my mind through my eyes the way a butcher would tie up a pound of raw meat
Keeps me glued to my seat
Your so bright
The fibers that weave the window like screen that makes me want to scream 
Dots of color that puts my thoughts in a headlock 
Your so bright
 I need you to be near 
There's no reason why you can't or shouldn't be able to occupy every room I'm in.
Even if I can't see you I at least want to hear. 
Cuz even your sound is bright
Bigger is always better 
The sound surrounds me like thunder
Makes me feel like melted butter 
Wet and warm under covers
Since I can remember we've always
Watched each other
And you've always been bright 
You've taught me 
Societal norms 
How to be friends 
You can be funny you can make me cringe your an aphrodisiac when I'm horny the list never ends
Your so bright
I wish that you and me 
Existed outside of time 
So that for all eternity
You can bestow your wisdom
Upon my mind
Your so bright 
Why leave you 
I need you 
To show me who I am 
You show how to be
How to exist
Your my everything
Your so bright
Track Name: N Bombs
Gather round yall have u heard have u heard?
Kevin Neal Siplin is trippin
About of all things
the use of the n word
Now this makes me laugh hard
Harder than the curb cuz this absurd nerd has the nerve to be
Disturbed about a word that's been around
Since we've been observed discovered captured
Which ever one you find more clever
It's been longer than any y'all can remember
Now I've been up I've been down
I've seen many things and have heard plenty sounds
But no other word in the English language
Is more profound
Or if you prefer it.
How extreme the you can change what it means
By the simplest thing.
White cats can't wait to recite their favorite Tupac songs
Let it slip a couple times then make sure nobodies around
to look in my eyes to see if its wrong
are they?
Or my favorite their defending argument on why they get the pass to say it casually when they're around me. On that note what other word has the
Rules on who can and can't use it? Mexicans Asians can call me nigga but white people say it I'm supposed to beat him stupid.
Another favorite replacing nigga with ninja
You know damn well no ninjas in the temple practicing or listening to what your saying or any of your hip hop shit
so I do know whether to appreciate the effort or find it condescending.
Better yet my favorite saying.
When a close friend or a supporter address me to show that were damn near family. Is myyy nigga
See all my niggas down to ride for me
I'm down to ride for all my niggas
And a down or a real ass nigga is what u need to be
But its funny you go back a couple centuries
My Nigger was how they described us for property
My nigger
when we were essential tools in boosting the economy
I had a homie in conversation say that back then the slave trade days
they would pay top dollar for
Strong brother like me not sure if that was fucked up
or be taken for flattery
NAS infamous mc had to release an
Untitled lp because censorship
So he had a letter n scarred from whip
Lashing on his back bet u can guess
What the title was originally
Title track chorus n I double g e r we are much more but still we choose to ignore
The obvious we are the slave and the master what are you looking for
you are the question and the answer.
That's what's up
I appreciate the brother for this
But then three tracks later
He has a song comparing us to of all things roaches
The main one that boggles my brain is why is there so much emphasis on cars called whips and our fascination with chains
its like its being engraved in my veins brother Africa Baambata said the Illuminati is using hip hop to control our minds through propaganda and keeping us in mental slavery
24 inch rims and a mouth full of stones more precious than our blood and bones to keep boosting the economy pffft this niggas crazy can you believe some niggas believe that shit I had some friends come over
And quote "why is it every time we come over to this nigga Neal house
We talk about religion space and science an shit. We can't just converse about regular nigga shit?" End quote. I have since then made my conversations more niggerish. But in all reality its so simple
Because the truth was told to me
By a band of niggas with attitude
And I quote
"its plain to see you can't change me
Cuz I'm a be a nigga for life."
Its plain to see you can't change me cuz I will be that Black Nigger For Life